Time for a walk

I’m new to the blogging scene, mainly due to being busy at work and at home, and having nothing specific to blog about. I could have blogged about the on going home improvements – but everyone’s doing that.

So what brings me back? Walking. Okay – so EVERYONE also walks.. but I’ve been made aware of a challenge – it’s the walk 1000 miles challenge in one year.

The idea is that you only need to walk 2.7 miles a day which would take on average 1 hour and you’ll hit the 1000 miles target in the year. Having done intense challenges in the past such as the National Three Peaks challenge and the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, a sustained year long challenge I can do with my wife and our Springer Spaniel is very appealing.

So this blog will document our travels and progress towards this aim.

Today’s walk took us into the Shining Cliff Woods in Derbyshire – close to Belper where we live. Starting on Holly Lane, we followed the track into the woods – taking the left hand fork to take us up past the reservoir and to the Youth Hostel. You can then follow the path down to the old wireworks where the new Shining Cliff Distillery operates from.

A good warm up – here’s to the 1000 miles in 2019!


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